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About Us

Why Us?

Everyone has to have an “about us” page, right?  It’s fair.  Why should I give these folks my money?  Because we aren’t a typical outdoor range.  While we have standard shooting bays for members to use when there isn’t a class and stay sharp on their own, we’re primarily a training facility.  When you go to the range, are you making progress?  Do you have a training plan?  Is there an instructor there that will work with you one on one and help you identify your specific needs?  Are you training like you fight?  Are you even ALLOWED to train like that?  Probably not.  In today’s world, you MUST be sure that when it’s time to fight, you’ve prepared as much as you can.  We can help with that.  It's why we built Castle.


Our mission is to build as many responsible, well armed, and well trained Americans as possible; able to defend themselves and those in their community who may not be able to.  YOU may be the difference in someone's life one day, and we want to make sure you're as ready as you can possibly be should that moment unfortunately present itself.


We see our freedoms as a nation being trampled daily and taken away little by little.  We must push back against that, and believe that the Second Amendment is one of the most powerful tools in the fight to stop the eroding of our freedoms.

We are Constitutional purists, and our vision is to see as many people as possible realize what their freedoms really are, and equip them properly to support and defend those freedoms, now, and for future generations.

B.J. joined the Army in 2004 as an Infantryman. During his Army career, he served multiple deployments in support of the Global War on Terror where he was awarded the Combat Infantryman's Badge. Post military service, B.J. entered the Private Security contracting business and eventually confounded Monarch Executive Protection Services, LLC. B.J. then went on to obtain his Basic Peace Officer's license and started his law enforcement career.

B.J. currently serves as a full time deputy and SWAT Team Leader whose current certifications include:

  • Basic and Advanced SWAT

  • SWAT Sniper

  • SWAT Sniper Instructor

Bubba J

Daniel joined the Army in 2000 as an Infantryman.  Daniel also served multiple deployments in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Daniel  earned a Combat Infantryman's Badge along the way in helping coalition forces kill Al-Qaeda in Iraq.  Daniel also earned his Texas Peace Officer license in 2018 and has since served in multiple LE and SWAT roles.

  •    Basic and Advanced SWAT

  •    Explosive Breacher certified

  •    TCOLE Firearms Instructor

  •    Pistol and Rifle Instructor

Salty Dan

Jake's life of service began in 2008 when he completed the fire academy/EMT school. He then went on to become a US ARMY special operations medic. Following his military service, Jake spent several years as a private security contractor.

Jake's currently a full time Law Enforcement officer and SWAT team member, whose current certifications include:

  • Basic & Advanced SWAT

  • Dual Purpose K9 Handler/Trainer

  • Criminal Investigator

  • ALERRT Instructor

  • Civilian Response to Active Shooter Instructor


Will ran away from home and enlisted in the Air Force in 1999.  His career included Physical and Electronic Security for air bases, instructing at a pre-deployment Combat Readiness school and managing the Air National Guard's Antiterrorism Program

Will is the owner/operator at Castle and is also a part time Law Enforcement Officer.  Will has held numerous certifications for instruction in the private citizen/civilian market.  His LE certifications include:

  • Basic and Advanced SWAT

  • Civilian Response to Active Shooter Instructor

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