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Machine Guns

Please contact the shop before arriving to rent a machine gun, whether for a standard rental or to redeem a gift card.  For safety reasons, machine guns require additional personnel to go down range and act as an RSO (range safety officer) specifically for individuals renting a machine gun.  Machine guns are a ton of fun and a great experience, but safety comes first.  If we don't have enough folks to facilitate the process, you may have to wait or plan a return trip.  We'll talk you through the function of the firearm you're renting, tell you what to expect for that particular firearm, and make sure that your experience is entirely fun and safe.

*Additional safety precautions may be taken based on the firearm you've chosen combined with your personal experience with firearms.

Below are a few of the offerings for rent here at Castle Firearms. Call or come by to see what else is available, and we'll have more photos up soon.

Colt 9mm SMG

HK​ G36

Cobray M12 (.380)

UZI 9mm

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