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EDC (Every Day Carry)

So you're carrying every day. You never leave home without it. Good. But have you trained for how you carry? How you dress? Have you drawn from a holster, from concealment, and sent live rounds down range? You need to.

Carbine / Battle Rifle

The AR platform is likely the most common firearm owned in America. You probably own one (if not we can help there too). Have you had a chance to put it through its paces? It's a great tool if you find yourself in a terrible situation, but training like you fight is how you put that tool to maximum use. AK? We'll take you through that as well.

Precision Rifle

Whether you just want to zero your rifle for the season, or be put through the paces, we can help you out. Come test yourself out to 500 yards.

Home Defense

It's sad to say, but your home, your refuge, your castle, may not always be that safe. Do you know how to defend it should the worst happen? What if you have to take it back because your family is inside, you're outside, and something isn't quite right? Come learn how to protect your Castle, or take it back.


TCCC stands for tactical combat casualty care, but don’t get hung up on the name. Medical training could be necessary at any moment; a car accident, natural disaster or hiking your favorite outdoor spot. It doesn’t always have to be violence related, but could be. Some essential and even basic casualty care training could save your life, a loved one’s life, or even a perfect stranger.

Survival / Prepping 

These "classes" are typically open to all, with some being held for members only.  We'll sit down together to demo gear, share ideas and best practices, and work on community building while learning from one another.  




Carbine Drills

1274 FM 211, New Home, TX, 79381



EDC Gear Talk + Drills

1274 FM 211, New Home, TX, 79381



Pistol Low Light Familiarization

1274 FM 211, New Home, TX, 79381



Carbine 1

1274 FM 211, New Home, TX, 79381




1274 FM 211, New Home, TX, 79381

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